• What should I do if the Ppr pipe joint leaks?


    1. Reasons for water leakage at the interface of the ppr pipe: If the ppr pipe has just been hot-melt welded and leaked during the pressure test, the possible reason is that the construction master did not have a good hot-melt connection. Then the raw material of the ppr pipe...

  • What are the classifications of ppr pipe fittings?


    1.ppr elbow is a pipe fitting that changes the direction of the pipeline 2. ppr union and pipe sleeve are used for the connection between ppr pipe and metal pipe 3. The ppr tee and spool are used to change the direction of the fluid 4. The ppr cap and...

  • What are the characteristics of PPR pipe fittings?


    PPR pipe fittings have high strength, light weight, easy transportation and installation, no need for special equipment, and good flexibility, not easy to break, and good shock resistance. The inner and outer surfaces of the pipeline have strong anti-corrosion ability, and there will be no corrosion and leakage. It is...

  • What is the difference between ppr tube and iron tube?


    The English meaning of PPR pipe is random copolymer polypropylene, referred to as PPR for short. At present, PPR pipes are widely used as water pipes on the market. PPR pipes not only have the characteristics of ordinary plastic pipes, such as small weight, corrosion resistance, difficult to scale, and...

  • What is a pipe fitting?


    Pipe fittings are fittings for connecting pipes, including: elbows, tees, crosses, pipe clamps, oils, joints and so on. You can find these accessories when you go to the kitchen or bathroom and look at the exposed pipes. There are many types of pipe fittings, which can be summarized into the...

  • What to pay attention to when installing PP-R pipe?


    1. Compared with metal pipes, PP-R pipes have lower hardness and lower rigidity. They should be protected during transportation and construction to avoid mechanical damage caused by inappropriate external forces. Mark the location of the pipeline after the dark application, so as not to damage the pipeline during the second...