• Basic classification of ppr tube


    Ppr tubes sold in the market are classified according to their different production standards and product requirements.   One: conventional classification PPR pipes can be divided into five different categories, S4, S5, S3.2, S2.5, and S2. The products corresponding to these five categories have different wall thicknesses and different wall thicknesses,...

  • Use temperature of ppr pipe


    As a commonly used pipe in home improvement and tooling, ppr tube has a high cost performance. In a normal temperature environment, the service life of ppr tube is more than 50 years. The ppr pipe, like other pipes, also has a critical temperature used.   One: normal pipeline The critical...

  • Why should a shut-off valve be installed in the ppr pipeline


    In the installation process of ppr pipelines, in different areas, it is necessary to install water circuit stop valves. Many people wonder why various stop valves are installed in the distribution of water pipes. The stop valve of the ppr pipe mainly plays the following roles.    One: Tangential flow...

  • Advantages of ppr pipe application


    Application field of ppr tube PPR pipes can be used as water supply pipes and drainage pipes in the family. In some large food processing enterprises, they can be used as liquid transmission pipes. In the field of tooling, ppr pipes also have a wide range of uses, as drainage...

  • PPR tube quality inspection method


    In the process of using PPR tubes with different brands and different prices in the market, how do consumers conduct product quality inspections. One: color recognition The ppr tube itself has no color. During processing, ppr color masterbatch will be added to the pure color ppr tube. After these color...

  • How to choose between single-layer and double-layer ppr tubes


    Classification of ppr tubes The classification of ppr pipes can be divided into single-layer pipes and double-layer pipes based on its thickness, or it can be divided into hot water pipes and cold water pipes from its distribution. In recent years, many families have used a new type of double-layer...