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ZHEJIANG QIAI TUBING INDUSTRY CO.,LTD was established in 1996, is professional China Tools Series Manufacturers and Custom Tools Series factory. QIAI Based on excellent management,relying on the perfect quality system .All the productions passed by ISO9001 international quality management systerm,Certificated by CE.Our main products include: PP-R pipes and fittings,Aluminum pipes and fittings, PE-RT pipes and fittings,Brass Fittings,Water and Gas Valves, Stainless Steel Corrugated Flexible Gas hose, wholesale Plumbing Pipe Fittings, and so on.At present, the company's product sales network has spread all over the world, establish and improve the quality, efficient and fast professional marketing management team and service support system for the vast number of users, welcome!


Easy Transportation

* Sea Freight The Starhouse cabin structure when flat packed for transportation is designed in accordance with a standard ISO shipping container. The corner casting structure enables lifting capability utilizing a crane in the same manner as a standard ISO shipping container. * On Site Transportation The dimensions of the forklift pockets on the cabin structure is 85mm* 260mm which enables forklift capability on site. * Road Freight Due to the structure being the same dimensions as a standard ISO shipping container road freight is efficient and easy to handle the cargo.

Fast Construction

Turnkey solution due to all components being flat packed, including the roof structure, floor, wall panels, doors, windows and interior decoration.
Up to 40% time saving on construction over convention building techniques due to all structural elements being prefabricated.
Construction of a single cabin can be undertaken with only four skilled workers.

Flexible Combination

The Starhouse cabins can be assembled and then disassembled for re transportation via road, train or sea.
Individual cabins can be linked together to form larger structures at ease through the starhouse Smart linking kit.
Internal wall panels can be removed and changed at the clients’ discretion to provide flexible layout options.

Cost Saving

Transportation costs are reduced by up to 75% cost compared with Traditional Architecture or modified containers.
Construction time is reduced by up to 40% saving time and money.
The ability to change internal layouts or relocate structures provides cost savings.


Mineral wool which is used primarily for insulation in the structures can be recycled
The structure of the cabin is made from steel and once the client has no further use of the structure the steel can be recycled
Our manufacturing facilities are energy efficient with strict governance on wastage of materials and water supply.

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What is Stripper For Gas Hose
A Stripper for gas hose is a tool used in the process of assembling gas hoses. It is designed to remove the outer layer of protective covering from the end of the gas hose, exposing the inner layer of rubber or plastic material, which can then be attached to the gas appliance or fitting.
Gas hoses typically have a protective layer of plastic or rubber material on the outside to provide durability and protect the hose from abrasion, moisture, and other environmental factors. The stripper tool is used to cut through this outer layer without damaging the inner layer, allowing for a secure connection to be made with the gas appliance or fitting.
Use of Stripper For Gas Hose
The stripper for gas hose is used to remove the outer layer of the gas hose, allowing for the inner layer to be exposed and connected to a gas appliance or fitting. Here are the general steps for using a stripper tool for gas hoses:
1.Place the gas hose onto a flat and stable surface, ensuring that the end to be stripped is easily accessible.
2.Choose the appropriate stripper tool based on the size and type of gas hose being used.
3.Adjust the stripper tool according to the diameter of the gas hose. Some tools may require manual adjustment, while others may be automatic.
4.Position the stripper tool over the end of the gas hose, making sure it is centered and aligned.
5.Apply pressure to the stripper tool and rotate it around the circumference of the gas hose. This should create a clean and even cut through the outer layer of the hose.
6.Remove the stripper tool and inspect the end of the gas hose to ensure that the cut is clean and even.
7.Connect the gas hose to the appropriate gas appliance or fitting, following the manufacturer's instructions.