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In the next five years, the layout scale of Zhejiang Qiai Pipe Industry Co., Ltd .: forming a sales and service team of 1,000 people, 1,000 agents, ten branches or marketing centers, Wanjia Decoration Company, Wanjia HVAC Company, and 100 large and medium-sized enterprises real estate companies and 100 municipal companies.

Brand support
Let you harvest

The headquarters strictly implements the unified brand concept, unified development plan, unified business model, unified training service, unified store image, unified market supervision and other chain operation measures, and is fully involved in the market with full sincerity and full harvest.

Quality support
Improve professional quality

Equipped with professionals in various regions to provide services to dealers and cooperate with dealers to manage the market. Company service personnel will pay close attention to market trends and provide the best market operation solutions. The company will provide professional marketing training to dealer personnel Professional knowledge to improve its professional quality, and promptly answer the relevant market questions raised by agents.

Product Support
Provide customized product services

1. The company guarantees to provide qualified products to customers according to quality, quantity and time.

2. The company can provide customized product services according to the actual engineering situation on the customer's site.

3. Standard model products can be repaired or returned according to the "Product Repair, Return (Replacement) Policy". Customized products will not be returned and only repair services will be provided.

Technical Support
Let you serve comfort

Provide unified product promotion, system display, sample display and other store design guidance according to product characteristics.

Global sales support
Create greater profit margins

Ensure product quality and save time. Effectively compress management and transportation costs, thereby reducing the overall cost of products, creating greater profit margins and price concessions for dealers.